Services of Maximus Ltd

Believe it or not, your basement is the most important space in your home. Your basement is where the structural integrity of your house starts from the ground up. A problem in your basement is like a sore tooth: It is extremely troublesome, it will not get better by itself, and ignored it will only lead to bigger problems.

If your basement could talk, it would tell you that life is not fair. Bad stuff always rolls down hill. If something goes wrong with a major system in the house, it almost always ends up in the basement. The heating system, the plumbing, the washing machine and dryer, the exposed electrical wiring, and the main structural supports all live there like the usual suspects.

Leave them in a bad place unattended and poorly built, and they will transform it into a nightmare overnight. That’s where we come in. We are the basement experts. Basements are all we do, and we know that you are counting on us to do your basement right. That means surveying for moisture content and flow, external sealing from soil seepage, foundation and slab integrity, and primary support. We make these right, before any improvements begin.

Whether you just need a nicer laundry space, a fully furnished den or entertainment room, or you are going to rent out a flat; you need to get the job done right the first time. With basements, there is no going back once something goes wrong. It is all or nothing, top quality from the get go, or your dreams can be gone in a flash.

So, do not hire amateurs, or unlicensed cowboys from the American Wild West. Hire a name you can trust. Call Maximus.

All of our fine work is backed and supported by the following service features:

Architect Plans and Designs

Maximus Ltd uses only the most qualified licensed architects. For your approval, our team consults with you, producing a 3D image plan of your project for a one on one presentation. As professionals, they thoroughly explain all the details of the project, providing you a printed copy of the plans once you sign off. Being on the same page with us lets you follow along as your project progresses.

Planning Permission

Our London basement company has been working with the London councils for years. We are professionals at obtaining local council consent for our projects. Being well known and respected in residential communities has come from our established relationships between our architects, project managers, and the councils. When we tell you that we have permission to start, you can rest easy.

Regular Building Control Inspection

Building control inspection is an important part of the project. We strictly adhere to all standards of the updated building regulations. The officer for building control will inspect every stage of your construction to ensure that all current regulations are being followed. We always comply with all advice and recommendations for alterations from the building control officer as needed. This guarantees that your project will acquire the necessary certification upon completion.

Party Wall Agreement

Whenever you are trying to build a basement, it is courteous and wise to engage your neighbors in a Party Wall Agreement; especially when the plans show that a part of the party wall will be involved in alteration. This will help avoid issues and disputes that may arise once the project starts. We have learned that this key step, although not required by law, helps us to provide you with superior service. You may not get this level of protection with any other company.

In Summary

When you consider all of our services, we are confident that you will make the right choice and go with a name you can trust. Trust us, Maximus. Our total package will provide you with a safe, legitimate, reliable, and affordable answer to your basement needs. Don’t delay, contact the professional experts at Maximus today.