The passion for getting the job done according to clients’ specifications and standards, this is what makes us here Maximus Ltd render only satisfying services for all of our clients. It is given that there are already many Basement companies in London, but anyone can say that only a few are able to render the kind of services that they are expecting from each of these companies. With these things in mind, we still believe that among these numerous companies our company is always up for the best.

As a dedicated company wanting to provide satisfaction, we are always focused on providing only the best out of the services that they request from us. Maximus Ltd will not last in the industry for nothing. We have already lasted in the industry for more than 13 years and with those years, each of our staffers along with other people behind every great project acquired much experience and learning from each project.

With more than a decade being spent for providing only the best basement conversion services, anyone can easily say that our company is simply the best. We have already built experiences from various tasks and have already handled different kinds of situations that we have encountered because of this job. With every experience, we make sure that we can apply the things that we can learn to the next clients that we will be handling. We have already handled the most extensive projects for refurbishments to the smallest jobs done for conversions, and with these projects we can proudly say that all of our clients are satisfied with it.

Our company is completely dedicated in ensuring that every project that we handle will all turn into finished article prior to walking away. Our sincerest commitment in making sure that our job is completely done and our satisfied clients are the reasons why our company is able to stand out among other conversion services providers for basement London.

Friendly and Transparent Services

Virtually, any company offering basement reconstruction and building services would say that they are offering friendly and transparent services. But with us, here in Maximus Ltd, we truly believe that we can provide these services to you.

We believe in ourselves genuinely. Our company believes so as we have already received numerous positive comments through the years and we have made sure that through these years we have only created happy customers. With these experiences, anyone will make it difficult for us to hesitate our credentials and ability in making any projects successful. Any client can say that truly, Maximus Ltd is a professionally run firm.

Whenever we cater our services to clients, we make sure that staffers always carry themselves with absolute professionalism and ensure that each of them can offer friendly and transparent services. Wherever you are in London, expect that any of your building extensions needs can be provided with appropriate services. We always make sure that we can cater the help needed by our clients the professional way we could.

As you entrust your basement conversion needs with Maximus Ltd, we will be working professionally from the very first day that you will contact us till the very day that we will announce the completion of the project. We are focused in offering only the professional and friendly solutions for all of our clients and we are not seeing any reasons why we should be compromising the expectations and standards of every person trusting our services.

We Are Fully Licensed!

Maximus Ltd only guarantees the completion of every work. If in case there will be any form of issues or accidents on the site, clients will not have to worry as our company is fully insured and are offering complete compensation to any problems or mistakes that may happen in the site. However, our company only hires the most dedicated and competent builders assuring you that every project will only lead to one result – 100% success!

We do not leave the site or consider taking any job done until you, our client, feel happy with the result or achieve the expectations that you have already set. As a trustworthy and professional London basement company, we only want to leave our clients with awe in their eyes as they see that then vision they had prior to starting the project have turned to reality with our finished project.

Value and Quality

There are many people who are worried that they may end up getting the services of a company that is offering unfair pricing systems with the basement extensions services. But with Maximus Ltd, any client is reassured that they will only be provided with a pricing system that is fair and effective. We can offer spades of quality and value that makes the search for the right company for converting your plain old basement into a new room or any kind of space you wish to make it. If you are one of those people who are trying to make a conversion or refurbishment in your basement, then you will not have to look further as we can already provide you the best pricing rates suited for your needs.

Do you want to experience our expertise for whatever basement job that you want? Contact us HERE and we will cater to your needs immediately!